The rise and fall of Apartheid


“For to be free is not merely to cast off one’s chains, but to live in a way that respects and enhances the freedom of others.” [Nelson Mandela]


Directions: This webquest will help inform you about the issues of Apartheid, giving you a better understanding of Cry, The Beloved Country. Please answer the following questions in complete sentences.  You may create another Word document to answer the questions, or you may hand-write them.


1. Please go to the website:


2. Read the first page you come to, the “Index” page that is the above web address. Please briefly summarize the overall history of Apartheid in South Africa.


3. Click on “Zulu Rise & Mfecane”.

            a. Who is Emperor Shaka and how was he involved in the rise of Apartheid?

            b. What is Mfecane and how is it related to Shaka and South Africa?


4. Click on “Oppression Of Khoikhoi and Xhosa”. How did denying tradition affect the people of South Africa, and what was the aftermath of the situation?


5. Click on “Afrikaners Versus English”. What are the differences between these two groups of people? How might this cause tension for South Africa, eventually leading to Apartheid?


6. Click on “Apartheid Origins”. Please read the page and summarize the origins of Apartheid.


7. Click on “Apartheid Laws”. Which ‘law’ was the most outrageous to you? Why do you think that law was created/existed?


8. Click on “South African Aggression”. Please read the page and then briefly discuss in writing:

a. What connections you see to The Russian Revolution?

b. What could this foreshadow?



9. Click on “Collapse of Apartheid”. 

a. Who is Steve Biko?

b. What role did he and Nelson Mandela play in the collapse of the Apartheid system?


10. Please open a separate tab and go to:  Watch his Life Story documentary, and then briefly describe what you believe to be his biggest accomplishment.


11. Now that you have learned about Apartheid in South Africa, please write a 1-2 sentence definition of Apartheid.